Unique Writing Solutions

VC Rowley and Associates creates hand-crafted writing instruments with exotic hardwood from around the world. These individulized works of art are one of a kind and are designed for the discriminating individual that can appreciates craftmanship.
Our company's design philosophy is to provide the most unique writing instrument you ever had.

Each pen is individually selected and hand crafted to be a one of a kind. The hardwood used is selected to a a degree of uniquness that cannot be found in a ordinary pen.

By owning one of thes works of art, you will not only have an excellent writing instrument, but a work of art that will be admired by you and anyone that has the opportunity to see it.

Our pen come in a variety of styles and ink types. The three main ink types are fountain, gel and ballpoint.

In addition to the traditional pens we also make stylus pen and keychain option that fit in your pocket. These are excellent for smart phone and tablet input. There is another specialty item that we make that can be sued as a pill box or a secret compartment to carry cash.
Examples of Pen and Stylus choices

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1. Card Players Pen  2. Cambridge  3. Classic Elite Rollerball  4. Ultra Cigar Pen   5. Olympian  6. Majestic                         7. Triton Ballpoint  8. Tycoon 9. Slimline  10. Virage Ballpoint  11. New Series   12. Sierra   13. Key Chain Whistle      14. Keychain Pen  15.Telescoping Stylus  16. Secret Compartment Key Chain 17. Phone Stand and Stylus

          (The Cambridge and the Majestic can be made as either a Fountain Pen or a Roller Ball)
Catalog  and Price List
Product Name                                          Price

Ultra Cigar Pen                                                       45.00
Card  Players Pen                                                    45.00
Sierra                                                                         25.00                                           
Classic Elite Roller Ball                                         40.00
Slimline                                                                     20.00
Key Chain Whistle                                                  15.00
Telescoping Stylus                                                   15.00
Tycoon                                                                       45.00
Cambridge Roller Ball                                          115.00
Virage                                                                        30.00
Triton Ballpoint                                                      40.00
Majestic Fountain                                                 140.00
Stylus Key Chain Pen                                             15.00
Secret Compartment Key Chain                           15.00
Phone Stand and Stylus                                         20.00
Olympian                                                                 45.00

Selected Hardwoods options and their Country of Origin
Bethlehem Olivewood, Bethlehem  #2
Beeswing, Southeast Asia  #3
Bocote, Mexico  #4
Canarywood, Brazil  #5
Cocobolo, Central America  #6
Curly Shedua, Ghana  #7
East Indian Rosewood, India  #8
Ebony, Gabon  #9
Figured Ebony, Gabon  #10
Granadillo, Central America  #11
Jicarillo, Honduras  #12
Kingswood, Brazil  #13
Lepoardwood, Brazil  #14
Macassar Ebony, Phillipines  #15
Mara, Central America  #16
Rengas Tiger, Borneo  #17
Spalted Maple, USA  #18
Stripped Ebony, Cameroon  #19
Tulipwood, Brazil  #20
Zebrawood, West Africa  #21
African Olivewood, South Africa  #1
                 All Pens Are Individually Made
Select your pen model, and your wood choice and contact us at:  vcr@vcrowleyaai.com