Management Team
George S. Mills
Vice President of Diversity Interventions
Phone: 317 502 4144
Mary L. Rowley
Vice President of Training
Phone 317 902 1703
Virgil C. Rowley
President, CEO
Phone 317 965 1677
Virgil brings a wealth of expertise and value to VC Rowley and Associates, Inc. Virgil has had a 35 year career with Eli Lilly and Company and served as the Director of Diversity and Organizational Design for Protis Executive Innovations. In both organizations, he was instrumental in providing leadership in areas of diversity Strategy Development and Implementation, Student and Faculty Intern Program Development, Campus Recruiting and Diversity Recruiting. 

Virgil founded an organization that has a focus on integrity, customer focused professionalism, vision and one that truly values diversity and the impact it can have on business decisions, individual growth and organizational profits.

Virgil received a BS in economics from Purdue University and a MBA from DePaul University. In addition to his many responsibilities at VC Rowley and Associates, he is very active in many professional and civic organizations. Virgil also has a wide range of other interest which include Home Restoration, Stained Glass and Photography.
George brings extensive experience in sales, coaching, Leadership Development and Diversity Training to his role at VC Rowley and Associates. George had a career of more than twenty-two years at Eli Lilly and Company where he was instrumental in designing and coordinating the diversity training for sales representatives and management teams.

George comes toVC Rowley and Associates after starting his own Diversity and Consulting Company. His desire to add his expertise in an organization that will have a focus on diversity is greatly appreciated.

In addition to his responsibilities at VC Rowley, George is active in several professional organizations that have an emphasis on diversity  training and valuing individual differences.

George attained a BS in education from Indiana State University, graduate work at Indiana State University and I.U.P.U.I.. 
Mary holds degrees from Purdue University, Chicago State University and Butler University. Along with her formal training, Mary brings years of experience as a State Licensed Teacher, School Psychologist, Reading Specialist and successful Entrepreneur.

Mary brings extensive expertise in a variety of areas, most notably in programs she has developed and implemented in Self Esteem, Image Development, Management Skill Development, Teamwork, Positive Self Talk and Goal Setting.

In addition to her business expertise, Mary has a passion for the education of children with Dyslexia and is a Orton Gilliingham Reading Clinician. Mary's interest also includes writing short stories and poems.    Mary has been recognized and listed in Who's Who in the Midwest.

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