If using a cane is a part of your reality, why not have one with style? Canes by Virgil are as unique as the person who uses it. Each cane is made using Diamond Willow Wood from Northern Minnesota. Each piece is uniquely different, therefore not two canes are the same.

Not only will you have a functional piece of art, you will have one that is as unique as you are. You select the cane color, The Diamond Willow stick that you prefer, the cane color, its length and one of the many brass or chrome cane handles available.

Each can be stained using the "Tinsley Effect" which provides nine color options. There are five different handle styles to select from. Your cane is finished with eight coats of High Gloss polyurethane, which ensures weather will have no impact on the lasting beauty of your cane. The tip of the cane presents two options, there is a rubber tip for everyday use and a steel spiked tip for those times when you find yourself on unpaved ground.

If you do no not need a cane for mobility, you definitely need one for style!!!

Your cane is waiting, the next step is up to you.
Cane Stain Options
American Walnut
Dark Walnut
English Chestnut
Black Cherry
Available Handles
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Hand Crafted Expressly For You
Wood Like T
Brass T
The Brass T and Skull are available in Chrome  and the Aristocrat is available in Brass.
Canes With Style
Finished Canes.
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