Tutoring Strategies

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The world demand for  people with  technical expertise will increase as we move into the twenty-first century. The ability to comprehend written words and mathematical concepts has become crucial for future success.  There is a direct correlation between  the ability to process information and individual success. 

The question to ask is: "How does the need for technical expertise affect my child and their ability to maximize at full potential?"  As a Reading Specialist and School Psychologist, we will diagnosis and proscribe specific programs designed to eliminate your child's gaps in reading, writing, spelling and  math.  Club Math and Reading, Inc.provide poised, professional, polished presentations of basic skills, which allows each student to learn at their own rate in individual or small group tutorial sessions.   

The important questions to ask are:

How does poor skills affect my child?
What does it mean for their future?
What do I need to be aware of?
What is the benefit of a tutoring strategy?
What will it cost my child if we do nothing?

The goal of Club math and Reading is to aide you in concisely answering those questions.

Club Math and Reading is committed to the principle of learning and valuing the learning process which  will have a direct impact on students future. Our strategies in Mathematics, Reading Diagnosis and  Language Arts are geared to provide a competitive advantage that will have a far reaching impact on the community.

Orton Gillingham Approach

Our organization employs the Orton Gillingham Approach to examine the needs of Dyslexic students and implement strategies which increase their desire to learn. In many instances, Dyslexic students are more creative than the average student. Their creativity is often ignored while their failures are highlighted. The continued lack of success causes frustration. After learning multi-sensory strategies, the level of frustrations  considerably reduced. This reduced frustration level is partially due to  precise, structured, consistent learning provided during the instruction, The multi-sensory approach  uses three pathways of learning: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic-Tactile.

Success Techniques

The ability to distinguish parts from wholes
The ability to go from easy to more difficult
Success techniques teach students how new information fits with old information.
Understanding how to move from simple to more complex items.

Club Math and Reading, is committed to the development of learning strategies that will have a dramatic impact on each child we tutor. Our organization provides highly qualified staff specially trained in the learning needs of children.

Education Expertise

As an organization, Club Math and Reading has over 90 years of combined education strategy development and implementation expertise. Team members with the most significant amount of education experience are:

    Mary L. Rowley  - Vice President of Training

Mary’S education career spans 35 years. Mary holds degrees from Purdue University, Chicago State University and Butler University. Along with her formal training, Mary brings years of experience as a Sate Licensed Teacher, School Psychologist, Reading Specialist and Certified Orton Gillingham Reading Clinician. Mary was instrumental in providing leadership in the following areas:

Education Strategy Development and Implementation
Reading Diagnosis and Remediation
Student tutoring program development

    George Mills - Vice President Diversity Interventions

George has had 20 year career with a variety of responsibilities, where he has been recognized for his expertise in the areas of student education.
His experiences include:

Midwest Area Training and Development Coordinator
Health Educator Marion County Health Department
Educator and Coach Vigo County Schools                                                                            

"There is no greater gift than the gift of knowledge"